WingtraOne Offers an Amazing High-Precision Drone Data Processing System

Drones are quickly becoming a workhouse in modern society. It seems that there is no end to the solutions they can provide to many problems.

A recent announcement of the Propeller PPK with WingtraOne is yet another example of the strides being made by drone technology.

Quality data collection in challenging conditions

WingtraOne permits users to conduct drone surveys, either on a small or large scale, with incredible data quality. And it can do this in just a fraction of the time as compared to current methods.

While some drone users can get good service with quadcopter drones at a modest price, others need much more – depending on the situation. When it comes to job sites like road projects, remote mining sites, or even projects located in dense rural areas, they will significantly benefit from using a VTOL drone for quick and accurate data collection – and to do this safely.

This is where WingtraOne comes into play. WingtraOne is a VTOL drone that is Swiss-made. It provides much-improved functionality in both fixed-wing drones and quadcopters.

What are VTOL drones?

VTOL stands for vertical take-off and landing. These drones are hybrids and offer a blend in drone hardware, as they’ve combined elements from both fixed-wing drones and quadcopters. They launch and land vertically as a quadcopter, making them an excellent choice for dense urban areas in tight spaces. And they are also fast fliers like fixed-wing drones, which enables them to covers large areas in a very efficient manner.

Features of WingtraOne

WingtraOne’s comes with a unique set of features that the Propeller PPK has never had before. It allows its users to minimize flight time while collecting high-quality image data.

Check out some of its great features:

Efficient fixed-wing flight

It can travel at speeds up to 36 mph for almost an hour per flight, plenty of time to cover large land areas for big projects.

42 MP camera

A quality surveying camera needs to have a sensor with 20 MP or higher. WingtraOne’s camera sensor is 42 MP, which means it can fly much higher than drones with lower-resolution cameras. This lets users cover more ground and in greater detail per image.

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Lower image overlaps

High-quality optics allows users to reconstruct maps reliably, with much fewer overlaps. This also means more ground is surveyed per flight and maximizes coverage.

10 km telemetry range

Maintaining a connection with drones is a must for users. The WingtraOne drone offers a line of sight up to six miles.

Smart batteries

Its batteries are li-ion cells that have protections against over-charging, short circuits, and under-voltage. It complies with UN regulations and is safe for carry-on luggage.

Data quality

Because of its 42 MP RX1R II camera, sub-centimeter level GSDs can be achieved down to .7 cm (0.4 in). When combined with the integrated PPK GNSS receiver, users can even achieve best-in-class absolute accuracy down 3 cm (1.2 in) vertical and 1 cm (0.4 in) horizontal.

Interchangeable payloads

Whether you need data for multispectral mapping, orthophotos, or 3D models, WingtraOne can carry the very best camera for each application. Users can pick from the RGB Sony QX1 and RX1R II, the multispectral MicaSense RedEdge, or Altum cameras.

WingtraOne capability

With its fully autonomous vertical take-off and landing, and durable fiberglass design, the WingtraOne is the perfect choice for efficient and fast big-scale drone surveying. Customers who need drone speed, and need the highest-resolution images available, will find all of this and more in WingtraOne.

Its backpack solution even lets one person carry a complete set of gear very quickly. Generally speaking, if you have 500 acres or more to cover, you will need a VTOL drone to conduct surveys in a timely manner while the data is still valuable.

In such circumstances, it’s tough to beat a WingtraOne.

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