What Problems Can Drones Help Solve?

We tend to think of drones as little aerial machines that are fun to fly around. But there many legitimate uses for them.

Drones are still relatively new to our society, so we are always learning new ways to use them. On top of that, drone technology keeps advancing along with way – opening more doors of opportunities for them.

Many people ask what problems can drone help solve?

Here is a list of 10 ways that drones are being used for the common good. Expect to see this list keep getting longer and longer:

  1. Inspect high rise buildings
  2. Inspect dangerous hard to reach structures
  3. Deliver aid to poverty-stricken regions
  4. Inspect fields of crops for damages
  5. Check up on the welfare of wildlife
  6. Provide security in hazardous areas
  7. Safely investigate fire zones
  8. Increase levels of physical security
  9. Assist search and rescue teams
  10. Survey disaster sites

10 common problems that drones solve

Now let’s examine each of these problems that modern drones are more than capable of solving.

Inspect high rise buildings

Skyscrapers and other high-rise structures require maintenance and inspections, just like any other structure. The problem is that many resources are required to get experienced eyes on critical aspects of those structures.

Even when those resources are made available, the situation poses a significant danger to the inspectors. Using a drone for this eliminates the need for costly resources without putting anyone’s life in danger. Not only this, a more thorough inspection can be performed.

Inspect dangerous hard to reach structures

As with high-rise buildings, other structures pose similar dangers and obstacles. Among those are bridges, monuments, water towers, and oil rigs in the ocean. All of these items can be quickly inspected without endangering anyone.

Deliver aid to poverty-stricken regions

Many experts believe that drones will knock a severe dent in world poverty and sickness. This is because drones will deliver far more aid in a shorter amount of time than is done now.

A drone can not only deliver food and medicine, but it can provide a wellness check as well so that helpers can focus their sights on areas with the most significant needs.

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Inspect fields of crops for damages

Agricultural companies can use drones to survey and monitor their crops routinely. This way, they’ll know exactly what their crops need on a timely basis. As a result, fewer crops are lost, and more food will be available for everyone.

Check up on the welfare of wildlife

Sometimes Mother Nature needs a little help from humankind. With drones, we can survey their status and ensure their well-being with encroaching on their territory.

This is a win-win for everyone. Humans do not have to face any dangers, and animals get what they need in their own habitat. We could protect endangered species this way.

Provide security in dangerous areas

Let’s face it, some areas in our world are too dangerous for anyone to walk through. Many neighborhoods have street gangs and hardened criminals wandering through its streets. This poses a significant danger to those who enforce laws for a living.

Rather than submit a single law enforcement officer into such an environment, why not let drones monitor these activities? Then an armed group of law enforcement can focus on actions that jeopardize the local citizens.

Safely investigate fire zones

When it comes to fires, many regions become impassable by firefighters – yet it might help see what’s happening in those hot zones. Drones could be deployed into the heat and smoke to scour for clues and survivors.

After such situations have been assessed, the right equipment and people can be prepared. Such a time saver would save countless lives – not only in burning buildings but also during forest fires.

Increase levels of physical security

A crime is something that can’t be predicted, and they seem to happen where security is either weak or non-existent. In such an environment, why not deploy a group of drones to patrol the premises. This will ensure that security coverage is extended and personnel can immediately address any security breaches.

Assist search and rescue teams

We’ve all watched rescue helicopters on TV trying to reach flood victims isolated on top of a house or someone clinging to the side of a cliff. The helicopter pilot is fighting the elements all the way – trying to maintain a steady hover.

Why not let drones assist these victims before the helicopter arrives? A drone could deliver a lifejacket to the flood victim and a rope down the person on the cliff. While waiting on the aircraft, it could provide water and blankets to them as well.

Survey disaster sites

Immediately after a hurricane or tornado has ravaged an area, it takes hours, or even days, to get emergency vehicles to help survivors. Much of their time is spent searching through the wreckage.

A team of drones could be programmed to perform a thorough search of the affected region. They could deliver water, food, and blankets to those in immediate need. The drones could also give rescuers a map of where to concentrate most of their efforts – rather than going in totally blind.

Final thoughts

As you can see, drones are going to have a significant impact on our world – mostly in a good way. I’m sure that as you read through this list, you probably came up with your own ideas on how to use drones.

Drones are going to solve lots of problems in our world.

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