What Do I Need To Fly A Drone Recreationally?

As the name indicates, recreational drones are used for fun and entertainment purposes. These are lightweight, simple to use, and easy to maintain. You can use recreational drones in various ways to spend quality time with your friends and family.

The most common use of recreational drones is photography and videography. For instance, you can capture stunning aerial photos and videos of scenic landscapes, picturesque mountaintops, campsite, BBQ party, wedding, birthday, etc.

According to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), drones are unmanned aircraft and subject to specific rules and regulations. Drones can cause personal injury or property damage. Therefore, you need to follow the guidelines established by FAA. Read on!

Understand the Laws

The U.S law does not permit people to fly a drone everywhere, whether recreational or commercial. For instance, you can’t fly a drone over top-security locations, national parks, and specific tourist sites. FAA passed a law in 2018 that requires users of recreational drones to register with the organization.

You don’t need to register your drone if it weighs less than 250 grams.  Once registered, you will receive your FAA registration number. Label the drone with your contact information and the registration number. You can recover your drone quickly if you lose it.

Don’t Fly Over People

Because drones can make noise and disrupt people’s work, you can fly them directly over them. The unmanned aircraft is prone to accidents, meaning you can put yourself in trouble if you injure someone. That’s why droning over people has been declared illegal by FAA.

Find Solitary Spots

Many people like quiet and peaceful nature, and flying a drone in a crowded place can disturb their tranquility. The general rule of thumb is to avoid crowded places and find isolated spots to fly your drone. That way, you can prevent the issue of flying your drone over people.

Fly High and Safely

FAA does not allow recreational users to fly drones over 400 feet. Make sure you obtain authorization if you want to fly your drone in controlled airspace. Maintain a good line of sight and avoid flying your drone at night.

Ensure that your drone does not interfere with other aircraft. Do not fly your drone near an airport or backcountry airstrip, and make sure you keep the distance of at least five miles from these areas.

Protect Wildlife

Your drone’s noise can disturb some wildlife species, such as nesting birds. Make sure you get a permit before you fly your drone in a wildlife habitat. FAA recommends keeping a safe distance from animals and birds to ensure their safety.

If you are camping in the woods and looking for adventurous activities like detecting fish or birds, use the drone according to your state’s wildlife and fish agency regulations. Launch your drone more than 328 feet or 100 meters from wildlife and avoid approaching birds vertically with your drone.

Drone Insurance

Like other types of insurance, a drone insurance policy can cover you in unpleasant times. For instance, if something goes wrong with your drone, you can use your cover policy to get a repair or replacement without any issues.


“Flying Drones is a perfect way to spend quality time with those who matter most.”

Relaxing and spending time with those you care about is most important than ever in these stressful times. We find ourselves drained every day from the constant strain.

When was the last time you ventured outdoors for a new experience?

Drones are the perfect answer because:

  • They are crazy fun to fly
  • You can create breathtaking images from the drone’s camera as a memento of the event
  • You get the benefit of being outdoors with fresh air


If you looking for a user-friendly drone that all your loved ones will enjoy flying, then you MUST consider one of these:

Essential Gear

Experts recommend beginners purchase a quadcopter with an X or H-shaped frame. These have excellent stability and come with four propellers to support the drone and withstand a wind’s speed of up to 15 mph. Besides the drone, you will need some other accessories to streamline flying your drone recreationally.

Extra Batteries

The drone operates on battery power, and most often, the lifespan of the battery is short enough to ruin your recreation, especially if you are camping. Having a few extra batteries can help you fly your drone for a prolonged period.

Extra Propellers

A propeller is an essential part of the drone but the most prone to damage. Although the drone itself is durable enough to withstand high wind, the fast-moving parts are highly susceptible to breakage. When shopping for a recreational drone, choose a product that comes with a few extra propellers. If you need more propellers, you can always buy them separately.

Landing Gear or Pad

With landing gear, you can land your drone slightly higher than the ground. For instance, if you are in the wild or if the ground has snow or mud, you can protect your drone and the camera from getting dirty using the landing gear. Therefore, it is an essential accessory to smoothen your take-offs and landings.

GPS Tracker

Although most drones come with built-in GPS trackers that allow them to report back location information, a quality GPS tracker can streamline challenging flights. Likewise, you may need an extra GPS tracker if the existing one malfunctions or goes out of range.

Final Words

From photography to racing, there are many uses of recreational drones. Many people use these drones to take selfies and share them on social media with their family and friends. Others take a more adventurous approach and take dramatic aerial shots at the campsite, mountain top, or on top of a tall building. Whatever your reason is, it is so much fun to look at yourself from 50 feet above the ground. Make sure you follow the rules and guidelines to ensure safety.

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