Major Drone Features Explained

Drones are turning out to be one of the most exciting technologies that have emerged over the past decade. These babies will allow you to view your surroundings from high altitudes. On top of that, they’ll let you take aerial images and videos of those surroundings.

If you’re like many people today and have suddenly felt the urge to get one, then you’ll love knowing that these little flying units are relatively affordable. So now’s the best time for diving into the drone market.

Whether you are getting your very first drone and upgrading to a more advanced model, there are a plethora of features to choose from. The good news is something exists in the drone market for every budget out there—you just need to know your starting point.

Two primary drone packages

Every drone comes with its own set of features and unique design. As you might imagine, there’s a direct correlation between the features offered and its price. Hence, if you want lots of features, you have to pay more for them.

The first thing you might notice is the two different drone package sets. Several manufacturers of drones offer their units in either of these two sets:

Ready to fly – A ready to fly (RTF) drone is as the name implies. It comes with everything you will need to fly it right out of the box. There is generally some light assembly, but these are minor tasks like attaching propellers and charging batteries.

Bind and fly – A bind and fly package pertains to advanced-level drone pilots. Often, they may already have a high-quality remote controller or an elaborate custom-built ground control system.

In essence, the bind and fly option usually means that it’s a drone only package. The drone operator has to ‘bind’ their controller to the new drone to control it.

It is good to know about and understand these two basic drone packages. There are countless reasons for choosing one over the other, and that decision depends on your wants and desires.


“Flying Drones is a perfect way to spend quality time with those who matter most.”

Relaxing and spending time with those you care about is most important than ever in these stressful times. We find ourselves drained every day from the constant strain.

When was the last time you ventured outdoors for a new experience?

Drones are the perfect answer because:

  • They are crazy fun to fly
  • You can create breathtaking images from the drone’s camera as a memento of the event
  • You get the benefit of being outdoors with fresh air


If you looking for a user-friendly drone that all your loved ones will enjoy flying, then you MUST consider one of these:

Major drone features

Within the two drone packages we discussed above, there are various features offered on today’s recreational drones. Regarding which features are required, most of them depend on how you plan to use your drone.

Advanced control options – The different ways that drone operators now control their units have been a real development in recent drone technology. Drones can now be controlled with Bluetooth or WI-Fi systems. This means that operators can use smartphones, tablets, and laptops to fly their drones.

GPS home function – Drones that have this feature know precisely where they began their flight. And if they lose the signal from their controller, they’ll immediately fly to that location.

This is an excellent feature for beginning drone operators, but there are two caveats with using it. First, you must ensure that the home point is recorded first; while most units do this automatically, you still need to be sure.

Secondly, your instrumentation depends on GPS, so it must be calibrated. And there needs to be an ample number of satellites available for its guidance.

GPS navigation – A remarkable feature of using GPS with your drone is that you can plan a navigational path for it to travel. You can set several waypoints (pivot points) and ultimately guide it to a specific destination.

Streaming video – This is a feature that wins many people over into the drone world. There is nothing quite as remarkable as watching a first-person view from your drone’s perspective. Specific streaming video systems provide this ability. You can also transmit the streaming video to your PC or laptop.

Video streams from a drone would make an excellent YouTube channel – don’t you think?

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