Do Drones Require WIFI to Fly?

We are living in a fast-paced world surrounded by technology. Research shows that over 4.65 billion people in the world use the internet. Today, we have artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality, augmented reality, the Internet of Things (IoT), and smart technology connected to the internet.

Because 59% of the global population uses WiFi to access the internet via their computers or smartphones, many people ask: do drones require WiFi to fly? In today’s article, we will answer this question and give you related details.

The quick answer to this question is that drones do not require WiFi to fly. However, you will need WiFi to download the app or run a live video feed. Once you download the app and activate the drone, you no longer need a WiFi connection.

Flying and Recording Video without WiFi

Most drones do not require WiFi to fly or record videos. Some high-end products, such as DJI drones can carry out a mapping mission through Drone Deploy or specific software applications.

UAV pilots can use the software to plot the mission and then upload it to the drone. You can use your smartphone to launch the drone, fly it, carry out the task, and land it safely. High-end drones have a return-to-home (RTH) feature, allowing them to land safely on low batteries.

Moreover, high-end drones have local data mode that allows them to operate without a WiFi connection. UAV pilots control these devices through their smartphones. Most commercial or security drone operators do not use WiFi to avoid data theft.

WiFi Requirement for the App

It is pretty straightforward to understand that you need a WiFi connection to download the drone’s app on your smartphone. After you have downloaded the app, you will need to activate your drone according to the app’s requirements.

You can’t modify settings or configure your drone without an app, and for that, you will need a WiFi connection. Similarly, some high-end drones have apps that get updates from time to time, meaning you will need a WiFi connection to update the app. Some apps require users to create accounts and log-in. Bear in mind that you can’t log-in without WiFi.


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GPS Technology does not Require WiFi

A drone without GPS technology is a vulnerable device, increasing the chances of flyaways, crashes, and collisions. GPS provides the user with accurate positioning information and direction data to avoid losing your drone.

GPS also gives you details on the location’s latitude and longitude, allowing you to make excellent flights, make cinematic videos, and perform specific security operations. Even if there is a flyaway, you can quickly recover your drone by analyzing the data or the last known location.

Furthermore, GPS is an essential technology that enables you to record the exact location. GPS’s most critical function is preventing flyaways, especially when you lose the connection between the drone and the remote controller.

Why Your Drone need WiFi?

Most drones operated through a remote control use 900 MHz for transmission without WiFi. However, if you need a higher frequency, such as above 2.0 GHz, you will need the WiFi transmission.

The purpose of WiFi is for drones is to transmit ultra-high frequencies. Bear in mind that ultra-high frequencies consume more power and do not travel a long distance. If you want to avoid other accessories, you can use your smartphone to transmit such frequencies.

Some high-end devices, such as DJI drones, come with Sky-Talk Smart Controller for live streaming. The smart controller uses WiFi to stream high-definition (HD) video directly on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media sites.

However, such smart controllers are not standard, meaning you can use apps that allow you to live stream videos. You will also need a WiFi connection to access essential flight information and store it in the cloud.

Final Words

Previously, WiFi technology was only available on computers, but you can even control your home’s thermostat via WiFi thanks to advanced technology. Drones don’t require WiFi to fly or record videos.

However, if you want to enhance its functionality, such as sending ultra-frequency transmissions, you will need WiFi. Lastly, a WiFi connection is necessary to download and update the drone’s app, running a live video feed, upload it directly on YouTube, or record it in the Cloud.

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