Buying Drones with Add-on Camera Mounts

For drone operators seeking to create high-quality images and videos, buying a drone with an add-on camera mount is the best option. If you see yourself getting deeply involved in drone photography, then this is the choice for you.

In most cases, these types of drones are purchased by existing videographers and photographers who want to take their skills to a new arena. Either way, there are many reasons for getting one of these packages.

Pros of buying drones with add-on camera mounts

Let’s first examine the best reasons for getting a drone that has add-on camera support.

More camera options

This is hands down the biggest reason for going with the add-on drone camera option. You get to pick the camera. And that camera will determine the overall quality of your work. This means you can use a cinema camera, an action camera, or even a DSLR. The only restriction is the drone’s weight limitation.

Longer battery life

Since the camera will be running off of its own battery supply, it won’t be using the drone’s battery. This means longer flying times and longer battery life.

Complete control

Since you’ve furnished the camera, you will have total control over the images and footage. You can pick the format you want and how you want those files stored. There are also several options with how to stabilize your camera with additional mounting hardware like a gimbal.

Cons of using drones with add-on camera support

Now let’s look at the common reasons for not choosing a drone with add-on camera capability.

More weight

As we mentioned before, the most significant limitation and only issue you will have is the camera’s weight. Depending on which model you try to use, a camera’s powerful lens can add significant weight to your drone. You’ll need a hefty drone to support a big camera – and that means more bucks!

Lacks some flight features

Drone with built-in cameras is designed with flight photography in mind, whereas a typical camera is not. There’s no doubt whether or not a quality camera is capable of creating great images in flight. But it will require some additional configuration.

Complicates tech support

If you were to crash your drone, you’d probably call your drone support staff for guidance. However, with an add-on camera, you’ll also need to call another support staff for guidance on your camera. Only one call to tech support is necessary for drones with built-in cameras.

Higher price

Unless you already have your own camera and accessories, you’ll have to buy them separately. This means you need to budget for the drone purchase and the camera purchase. So choosing a drone with add-on camera mounts will cost much more – in most cases.

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Types of drone add-on cameras

There are several different kinds of cameras in the market today that work great when mounted on a drone. The real choice becomes whether to pick your camera first and then a drone to match it, or vice versa.

There are enough options in the market today that you could take either approach. Just remember that a bigger camera needs a bigger drone, which will cost more money.

Action cameras

An action camera is one that has been designed to capture images and footage from sporting events. This typically means they are capable of shooting not only traditional sports but extreme sports as well.

These cameras are incredibly durable, and most of them are designed to handle challenging scenarios like water sports, sky diving, and snow skiing. They make a higher quality image than you might think.

As a rule, most drone mounts will accept these types of cameras,

Point and shoot compact cameras

The term’ point and shoot’ imply that this camera is designed for inexperienced photographers. And they’ve lived up to that promise as these little units allow you to create beautiful images and footage with ease.

These cameras typically give you several options in terms of size. Smaller ones tend to have auto settings that adjust to the different situations, while bigger ones offer manual settings for the more experienced.

Like the action camera, the point-and-shoot models also work well with drones. But keep in mind that they give users the ability to create pictures easily at a low cost. Experienced photographers probably wouldn’t choose this camera for their drone, whereas a beginner probably would.

DSLR cameras

DSLR is a modern upgrade of the old single-lens reflex (SLR) from yesteryear. DLSR stands for digital single-lens reflex. These little babies can crank out some stunning images because you have so many options regarding lens sensors, interchangeable lenses, and various file storage formats.

Most companies that manufacture DSLR cameras offer an entire line of a camera with a massive variety of sizes, features, and of course, price. This option gives you access to reputable camera brands like Nikon and Canon.

When you are looking at this option, then you’re probably looking at drone photography on a professional level. This camera creates incredible quality work, but it comes at a price, and it tends to weigh more as well, which meanings a big powerful drone will need to carry it around.

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