6 Locations that New Drone Pilots Should Avoid

Learning to master your new drone will be challenging, and you should prepare yourself for a few bumps and bruises along the way. Your initial outings will be spent on the controls, instrumentation, take-offs, and landings.

After you get a handle on those basics, then you will begin flying in various simple patterns. Therefore, you will need to fly in locations that are as forgiving as possible.

6 Bad drone flying locations for beginning drone operators

You’ll need places that will minimize any damage to your drone, to people, and property. However, many of the places a new drone pilot would intuitively pick are not ideal for newbies. Following are five places that are not ideal at all for the new drone pilot:


Most new drone owners think that backyard is the perfect place to launch their drone on its maiden flight. Unless you live on a big farm, nothing could be more wrong.

Neighborhoods are terrible for drones, even if an experienced operator is flying them. There are too many trees, too many houses, and too many people. And there’s also the power lines – which could ignite your new drone in the blink of an eye.

Perhaps the worst part of flying your drone in your backyard is how your neighbors would react. Most people are fearful of drones invading their privacy, so they already have a bad rap for many.

Near bodies of water

If you decide to fly your drone over or near a body of water, you are just asking for trouble. One little wind gust could destroy your drone.

Drones and water do not mix, and it is doubtful that any drone would survive a splash landing – unless it was built for the water.

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Public parks

Since parks offer large open spaces, many people think they are perfect for drone flying. They might very well be a good place if it weren’t for the people. Anytime there are people nearby when you are flying your drone, it’s never a good idea.

Even if you are relatively skilled with your drone, all it takes is a lousy Frisbee toss or a high-flying football, and your drone could be crashing into someone’s family picnic. And don’t forget that LiPo battery on your drone is extremely volatile and flammable. Imagine a fiery crash on a picnic table – not a good thing.

Utility easements

These neat pieces of land that local governments have cleared to allow power lines to pass through are very tempting to drone pilots. For years, these utility easements have been used by other hobbyists like dirt bike enthusiasts and horseback riders.

However, those other hobbyists aren’t flying at hundreds of feet in the air. Resist the temptation to fly your drone in one of these easements, the power lines above you would fry your new drone. At the very least, the signals between your controller and unit could experience some interference.


Flying indoors is never a good idea for a new drone pilot. You need advanced skills to pull that off. The concept of choosing when to learn the art of drone flying depends on allowing yourself a wide margin for error. When you try to fly indoors, you are doing the exact opposite.

Wooded areas

Never a good idea. Sometimes when drone lovers go on a camping trip, they might want to relax for a few hours and play with their drone. Unless there’s a specific place for this, leave your drone at home.

Finding an ideal drone flying location

Okay, we didn’t want to leave you hanging completely. So now, let’s talk about areas that are ideal for rookie drone operators.

These could be anywhere, as long as it had the following:

  • Wide-open area
  • No obstructions
  • Little or no people
  • Soft ground (if possible)
  • Low grass (if possible)

Most cities and towns have two kinds of perfect places for drones – as long as they aren’t occupied and you have permission to use them.

Those two places are ball fields and parking lots. Baseball, football, and soccer fields are perfect for drones when they are empty. The same goes for parking lots, but you’ll have to be very careful when landing your drone on the hard surface.

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