5 Tempting Drone Activities that Should Never Be Done

After flying your new drone for a few months, you’ll appreciate how your flying skills have developed. Understand that times like this can be dangerous in regards to any new skill that we’ve learned.

It’s that point when confidence is first experienced with a new skill that we can get ourselves in trouble. And we ignore the fact that the balance bubble in our head has tilted full bore to one side. A dose of humility is badly needed, but unfortunately, it’s destined to be a painful dose.

Drone actions that will only get us in trouble

Here are five things we might be tempted to do when our drone flying skills have dramatically improved. We need to resist the temptation or be prepared for some serious consequences.

Walk your dog

While this may sound like a stretch, it has been done. There was once a video of a drone walking a golden retriever on the Internet. Apparently, the dog’s owner had programmed the drone to travel a specific route for this purpose.

As it turned out, the video was somewhat of a fabrication. But think about this for a moment. Should you even own a dog even if you have automated your dog owner duties?

In addition to this, drone operators are supposed to maintain a line of view when flying drones, but this is probably not happening when it walks your dog. Also, most recreational drones are not strong enough to guide an animal in any setting.

Spy on your neighbor

Most people can be a bit nosy about what the neighbors are doing; it’s only natural. But if you were to use a drone to spy on them, then you’re taking nosiness to a level of creepiness.

Believe it or not, this is not necessarily illegal because when neighbors are outside, there is no legal expectation of privacy. But spying is the main reason why people are against their neighbors flying a drone around the neighborhood.

Do yourself a favor and resist the temptation to do this.

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Carry the ring down the aisle

Here is another one of those fun drone ideas that people come up with. While it may sound cool, there are many reasons for passing on this one.

As we were cautioned against when first learning to fly our drone, we should never fly in small areas – much less indoors, and we should never fly around other human beings. Operating your drone at a wedding packed full of people flies directly in the face of that logic.

Also, never forget that your drone’s LiPo battery is a severe fire hazard. Wedding memories should not include a burning church.

Fly over the White House fence

Depending on your political preference, you may not like the current occupant in the White House, but flying a drone over their fence is not the answer.  You’ll need to find another way to voice your displeasure.

Such an act would bring on more heat than you are prepared to handle. Things like big mean guys in suits wrestling you to the ground and black helicopters circling your house. And, of course, a hideous mark on your record.

Fly over crowds of people

Everybody loves to crowd-watch. People are fascinating to watch as they meander around crowded places like airports, concerts, theaters, and sporting events. Using your drone to watch these people is not a good idea.

Depending on how your drone is deployed, it could create lots of problems. It is forbidden to fly over crowds in public places, for starters, and secondly, your drone is a potential hazard to both people and property. The idea is to minimize the presence of those two things whenever you go flying.

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